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Maintaining power provides a safe and comfortable home all year round. Penco Electric & Generators offers ways to keep your electricity running with complete generator services in Northbrook, Illinois, and surrounding communities. We offer the generator solutions you need to feel prepared for all weather conditions and seasons.

Benefits of a Generator for Your Home

A perfectly functioning generator saves you time and money by protecting many aspects of your home in case of a power outage. With regular services for generator maintenance in Northbrook, Illinois, you can ensure your system works in pristine conditions throughout the year.

In general, some advantages of generators include:

  • Water protection: A system like a sump pump keeps crawl spaces and basements dry. Ensuring these functions run smoothly with a generator prevents the pipes from freezing or breaking, so you avoid leaks and water damage in those spaces.
  • Electrical safety: The machine protects your home’s electric system during the loss and return of power to avoid issues such as fires.
  • Reliable heat: Keeping your heater on at all times is necessary to stay warm and comfortable during colder winter months.
  • Food preservation: The ability to maintain normal fridge and freezer temperatures even during a power outage allows you to keep your stored meals and ingredients fresh and safe.
  • Continuous power: Enjoy the comforts of home at all times when you have a generator that keeps your lighting, TVs, computers, water heaters and other systems running.

About Our Generator Services

If you want to upgrade your home with consistent power, our Penco Electric & Generators professionals can help you find the right generator to suit your needs and lifestyle. If you already have a system that requires maintenance or repairs, our professional technicians can make assessments to diagnose the proper fixes.

As a Certified Generac Service Dealer, we offer the following services:

  • Installations: Our technicians visit your home during an ideal time for your schedule to install your new system with the required permits and a customized plan.
  • Maintenance: We perform quarterly, bi-annual or annual check-ups based on your preferred scheduling to ensure your generator operates correctly.
  • Repairs: Our team of technicians restores your system with generator repairs in Northbrook, when you need servicing or a part replacement.

Trust Experts at Penco Electric & Generators

As a leader in the standby generator industry, Penco Electric & Generators takes pride in providing electric solutions to homeowners. We operate with a focus on quality workmanship and attention to detail. Our technicians ask questions to ensure we meet your expectations and follow up on every project to ensure customer satisfaction.

Schedule Your Northbrook Generator Services

If you’re ready to benefit from consistent power, you can count on Penco Electric & Generators for all your generator services in Northbrook, Illinois, and surrounding areas. During a consultation and services, our trained technicians visit your home at a time best suited to your schedule. Our team can answer any questions and ensure you feel comfortable with your new, inspected or restored generator before leaving.

To get started, call us at 847-475-1231 or fill out a contact form today!

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