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We completely understand that you may not always be thinking about your generator all of the time, but fortunately, we love to think about your generator every day! We believe in Ben Franklin’s timeless advice when it comes to generator maintenance: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

That’s why we offer flexible maintenance plans so that you’ll never have to worry about your generator and that you’ll always know it’ll be working when you need it.

Maintenance Plans

Choose from our quarterly, bi-annual, or annual maintenance plans. Catch any problems you may have with your generator before they become a major problem.

Generator Size Annual (1) Checkup Bi-Annual (2) Checkup Quarterly (4) Checkup
Air Cooled;
7kW – 24kW
$270.00 $485.00 $685.00
Liquid Cooled;
22kW – 45kW
$300.00 $540.00 $955.00
Liquid Cooled;
48kW – 80kW
$485.00 $870.00 $1,625.00
Liquid Cooled;
100kW – 150kW
$710.00 $1,350.00 $2,410.00

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    Generator Maintenance Service

    • Travel to Customer’s Site
    • Penco Electric to maintain maintenance records per manufacturer requirements
    • Visual Inspection, Cleaning, Oil Change, Air Filter Change, and Spark Plug Inspection/Replacement
    • Complete an engine test and inspection during generator operation to verify output voltages and overall performance
    • Any additional part or services required are extra

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